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About Us

Jiangxi Yongtong Technology Co., Ltd is a joint-equity enterprise, founded at the beginning of this century on the basis of former Jiangxi Yongtong Technology Co.,Ltd. Hengtong Technology is a leading profession industry, engaged in R&D and manufacture of chemicals and intermediates. Hengtong is honored to have the patent to produce 4-tert benzoic acid by Intellectual Property Office Of PRC,Patent NO.:(ZL 2009 10145003.3). At present the 4-tert benzoic Acid production capacity is 8000ton/year, 4-tert benzoate 3000ton/year, p-tert-butyl toluene9000ton/year, ranking top in China ... More + 
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Leo Lee Sales Department Tel:+86-797-6906333,6906737,18720892999 Fax:+86-797-6906737 Email:[email protected]  贛ICP備13007488號
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